Crash Course On Marketing for a Leeds Wedding Photographer

Leeds wedding photographerFor a Leeds Wedding photographer, nothing is more important than ensuring that customers keep patronizing their business. After all, without customers, chances are the business would not exist at all. One of the ways to ensure that the line of customers never gets short is by marketing.

Ever watched a movie or series before and you see the camera spending an unnecessarily long time on an item perhaps a drink or clothing item? If you haven’t or you had no idea what that was, then I’ll explain. That is what is called advertising often confused with marketing. Advertising is Marketing but Marketing is not Advertising.

Let me explain, in Marketing, you have the following:

  • Research: here, the wedding photographer has to study the patterns and likes of the average individual. An easy way of doing research is by conducting a survey. A survey can cover areas of what consumers like in wedding photographs, the different styles of wedding photography customers are likely to prefer and so on and so forth. It is only from research that you can get a better understanding of who your target market should be.
  • Creation of Products/Identifying Products That Satisfy The Customer: after studying the target market, the photographer then has to take an inward look at the products and services he offers and answer the question of “can this satisfy my target market”? If no, then it is time to go back to the drawing board and think of a suitable solution.

If yes, the photographer still has to work on a way to ensure that this can be sold to the average individual. This product or services being offered must also serve a practical purpose. Consumers like products that are both practical and flexible.

  • Packaging the Product

So, now you have a suitable product that you can sell to the consumer but is it presentable? You have to structure the usefulness of the product in such a way that with or without an explanation, the customer gets it.

  • Advertise

Remember we said marketing differs from advertising, we have already defined some of the stages involved in marketing and now we have advertising being a part of it. The advertising aspect is meant to bring your products into the awareness of customers. If customers are not aware of the fact that you have a certain product, then how do you expect them to patronize you.

  • Prospect/Lead

For a Leeds Wedding Photographer like, a prospect is someone who has the possibility of being turned into a customer. The individual might have seen an ad and is quite inquisitive about the services being offered. As a photographer, you only have one shot to convince them of the fact that you can deliver the wedding pictures of their dreams.

  • Customer

A customer is a prospect or sales lead who purchases your services. After selling your service or products to the customer, they finally decided to give it a go.

Now, you know the difference between advertising and marketing.