Crash Course On Marketing for a Leeds Wedding Photographer

Leeds wedding photographerFor a Leeds Wedding photographer, nothing is more important than ensuring that customers keep patronizing their business. After all, without customers, chances are the business would not exist at all. One of the ways to ensure that the line of customers never gets short is by marketing.

Ever watched a movie or series before and you see the camera spending an unnecessarily long time on an item perhaps a drink or clothing item? If you haven’t or you had no idea what that was, then I’ll explain. That is what is called advertising often confused with marketing. Advertising is Marketing but Marketing is not Advertising.

Let me explain, in Marketing, you have the following:

  • Research: here, the wedding photographer has to study the patterns and likes of the average individual. An easy way of doing research is by conducting a survey. A survey can cover areas of what consumers like in wedding photographs, the different styles of wedding photography customers are likely to prefer and so on and so forth. It is only from research that you can get a better understanding of who your target market should be.
  • Creation of Products/Identifying Products That Satisfy The Customer: after studying the target market, the photographer then has to take an inward look at the products and services he offers and answer the question of “can this satisfy my target market”? If no, then it is time to go back to the drawing board and think of a suitable solution.

If yes, the photographer still has to work on a way to ensure that this can be sold to the average individual. This product or services being offered must also serve a practical purpose. Consumers like products that are both practical and flexible.

  • Packaging the Product

So, now you have a suitable product that you can sell to the consumer but is it presentable? You have to structure the usefulness of the product in such a way that with or without an explanation, the customer gets it.

  • Advertise

Remember we said marketing differs from advertising, we have already defined some of the stages involved in marketing and now we have advertising being a part of it. The advertising aspect is meant to bring your products into the awareness of customers. If customers are not aware of the fact that you have a certain product, then how do you expect them to patronize you.

  • Prospect/Lead

For a Leeds Wedding Photographer like, a prospect is someone who has the possibility of being turned into a customer. The individual might have seen an ad and is quite inquisitive about the services being offered. As a photographer, you only have one shot to convince them of the fact that you can deliver the wedding pictures of their dreams.

  • Customer

A customer is a prospect or sales lead who purchases your services. After selling your service or products to the customer, they finally decided to give it a go.

Now, you know the difference between advertising and marketing.

Capturing Significant Moments for Your Event with the Help of an Event Photographer

Life moves fast with the tide of time.

event photography As the years go by, it is pretty easy to lose track of certain memories due to the fact that we have nothing to remember them by or with. Therefore, years from now, you might not even remember that certain things occurred and they stay forgotten forever.

The same can happen for your events if you do not take the proactive step to ensuring they get recorded. As humans, certain things define us and one of them is the activities we undergo. These activities are what we might look back upon with sadness in our eyes or with a little bit of fondness all dependent on the premise.

The best way of remembering these moments of course is by ensuring that they get recorded. Over the course of a life events like births, deaths, weddings, graduation, commencement of a new role, promotion in the office will occur. Sometimes, these events are so similar tat you have no idea how to go about separating one from the other.

However, thanks to the advent of technology, this has become a whole lot easier. With the help of an event photographer like, precious memories can be easily captured. Sure, smartphone cameras can be easily whipped out to take the images you desire but does that mean they can be used with the same skillset like that of a professional photographer to acquire quality images? The answer is no!

As a result of this, the demand for event photography makes a lot more sense. There are a lot of event photographers out there if you know where to look. This is the internet age and you do not have to look too far to locate a professional photographer. Simply typing in a search query on any search engine will bring about a lot of results.

Of course, you can also take a look at newspapers, billboards and local agencies to locate one. Having doubts about hiring the event photographer, well take a look at the benefits they offer:

  • Quality images

Take a look the pictures you were able to shoot by yourself with the use of your smartphone camera and then take a look at the portfolio of a professional photographer and ask yourself whether or not you can replicate that same quality. Of course, you have to be honest! If you find yourself answering no! Then it is time to look for the services of a professional.

Not only does the photographer know the best way to manipulate the camera to attain the best images, he or she has the best tools to ensure the pictures come out looking great. From photo editing software to the latest camera technology, and a refined skillset, all these combined ensure you are left with the best images.

  • Time

As you go about enjoying your special event, would you have the time to whip out your camera at every turn to capture the moment? The answer is no! So, why not bask in the moment while an event photographer takes care of capturing the memories.

Venue and Photography Tips for the Wedding Photographer Hertfordshire

wedding photographer HertfordshireThe wedding photographer Hertfordshire provided you must have all the necessary expertise, experience, and equipment to document your special day. Documentary wedding photography is not just about taking candid photos as the event of your wedding unfolds, but it is all about the art of capturing special moments that tell a story of what happened. It is a kind of photography that will allow your children and grandchildren to feel as if they were there on your wedding day. The emotions of everyone present must be perfectly captured in timeless photographs, especially the most important moments of your love story.

Choose a venue that is close to your heart

The wedding photographer Hertfordshire offered you have the expertise to document your wedding day regardless of the venue that you will choose. But since you are getting married in the picturesque beauty of London, any venue for your big day will absolutely be stunning. Make sure that you choose a venue that meant something to you and your fiancée. Somewhere significant in your love story. Once you have a venue booked, inform your wedding photographer immediately so your wedding photographer can scout the place out, and see how your wedding photography will look like. It is crucial for your wedding photographer to have a sense of the venue, in order to know exactly where to be at to capture memorable moments, and how to move around unobtrusively to document your special wedding.

A great background or beautiful location will definitely boost the perfection of your wedding photography, so better make sure that you plan your wedding at least nine months ahead or more, so you will have the best venues in London to get married in. And, with a long preparation, your wedding photographer will have enough time to create pre-wedding photoshoot with you and your fiancée, and you get to have a taste of how your wedding photographer takes photos.

Your preferred moments to capture

Your documentary wedding photographer will definitely know how to photograph your wedding in a documentary style of photography, but it is still best if you inform your wedding photographer of the important moments that you specifically want to be caught in the cameras, like your first look, first kiss as a couple, first dance as married couple, and the getaway scene for the honeymoon. Your wedding photographer will not tell you to pose for your special moments, but your wedding photographer will be there on the right time, waiting to click on the camera and freeze time for you. Without you knowing it, your favored moments will be captured.

The best documentary wedding photographer Hertfordshire can offer you can be found at With utmost wedding photography skill and keen eye for details, your wedding photographer can document your wedding day in a style that tells a love story that will last a lifetime. With your chosen alluring wedding venue mixed with professional wedding photography, you can be sure that you will have exquisite wedding photographs that you will treasure forever, courtesy of your expert documentary wedding photographer.

How to Find a Professional Headshot Photographer

headshot photographerWhat are the qualifications of a professional headshot photographer? How long should their experience be? Will they be able to capture your headshot the way that you need it to be done?

You have a lot of question about this mainly because you don’t wish to waste your time and money on hiring a photographer who takes as horrible pictures as yourself! The reason why we hire a professional is that they know better and have better equipment as well as experience in doing it.

So, here’s the trick to finding a good photographer for yourself.


Someone who has never worked and takes headshot pictures before is out of the question. The next in line would be people who have been doing it for fun and only recently thought about turning it into a career. This is an option, but we’d recommend you to leave them last when you cannot find one within your budget.

The best ones are those with years of experience doing it, showing you confidence once you walk into the studio meeting them. They can sometimes be overwhelming a bit, but once you talk with them for a while, you know they are good people, knowing what they need to do for you.

Results to prove

Another thing that will show you if the photographer is a good choice is to see if the portfolios. If possible, ask to be shown past works with similar characteristics to yours. It could be a picture with similar usage or someone with similar facial feature or problem with you.

There is a headshot photographer Reading that we would love to recommend for you if this whole search process is too demanding for you. The photographer owns The Headshot Studio, a studio dedicated to capturing the best headshot pictures of you.

It will also show you if you will be able to attain the picture that you want if you hire this person.

Your comfort

Do you like to have your pictures taken by the photographer? Some people are awkward around people they don’t know and especially when their pictures are being taken. But, some are able to overcome this after hiring a friendly photographer and understanding themselves that it’s important to get this picture.

Consult with your photographer and see if you are able to feel comfortable around him. It’s a challenge to say yes after just a few minutes of the meeting. But unless you feel really uncomfortable and that the photographer is not making any attempt to help you feel better, you will need to find someone else at that point.

To know if the photographer is good, one of the signs would be how the photographer is pointing that out on his site. While describing what the session is like, he’ll tell you that making you look professional is not just about the camera, but also the interpersonal skill of the photographer.

Choosing a headshot photographer Reading is not hard, but it’s an important part in applying whatever you are planning to apply for as well as show you that it’s not going to be stressful, but an enjoyable session.

Only the Best Fine Art Wedding Photography for You

Your wedding is the most important day of your life.

fine art wedding photographyIt is a day where you take an oath to be forever committed to the one person in the world whom you love most. It is a time in your life when you stop being one person, and become part of a couple bound together for eternity. Your wedding day needs to be captured in the best fine art wedding photography there is. You are starting a family, and what better way to tell tales about your love to your children and grandchildren than with amazing wedding photographs?

The day you say “I Do” to the one person in your life that you chose to spend the rest of your life with is an essential part of your history that needs to be preserved. That special day will be filled with love, laughter and fun, a precious day where everyone present can feel their hearts bloat with such joy for you and your love.

Only the best

Do not settle for anything less than the best fine art wedding photography. It is not just about taking pictures of the whole wedding. Anyone can do that, even an amateur. You need to have a wedding photographer who has such passion about weddings, who goes out of their way to get to know you, your intended, your families, and your friends.

A photographer who can capture your special moments, your secret smiles, the glow in your eyes, the tears in your guest’s cheeks, the whole wedding day. It’s not just about the photographs, but you need to have timeless mementos that tell a story. Stilled photographs that captured the emotions, that conveys the love and joy you feel in all your hearts. After all, this is once in a lifetime.

Family heirloom

Your wedding day marks the date where you become one with your love. The photos taken in your special day must be extraordinary! Your wedding photos will become a family heirloom that the next generations are going to treasure. So whatever you do, make sure you endeavor to document these memories.

Your happiness on that day, captured in fine art wedding photography, will serve as a beacon and a source of strength in times when your marriage is tested. You can always look back on the bliss you felt that day for the rest of your life, and remember the choice you have made. You may grow old someday, but the captured happy moments will forever be put on a time capsule of photographs.

Your wedding photos will look more beautiful in the hands of a professional wedding photographer who can create captured moments that are worthy of a wedding magazine. Julia & You have the compassionate heart to make fine art photography with a touch of a fairy tale. They will get to know you and everyone around you, to give more life to the photographs in your wedding day. The have a keen eye for details, and know how to capture special wedding moments like a fairy tale come true.

Grand Rapids Wedding Photographers, You Need Protection!

Grand Rapids photographerAs a blog that frequently posts about photography, every once in a while, we see the need to remind our readers of photography protection. The job needs you to have various equipment that cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Even if it’s not, we know all Grand Rapids photographers will learn much from reading this article.

Criminal acts can happen to you and one of the most common ones is to have your camera stolen when you work! And sometimes, you cannot prevent it.

Never leave your stuff alone!

The first prevention step you can take is to always watch out for your own stuff. It can be hard to do if you work alone and you have to leave your stuff alone if you are going to the toilet for example. You can leave them to a wedding organizer, the couple or someone trusted if you have to.

But sometimes, you can’t hope for someone to be there to watch out for you. We are all responsible for our own stuff when we are alone and that’s often the case for wedding photographers.

Get an insurance

For photographers who already have an insurance, cheers because you are already protecting yourself well. For those who haven’t, please read on, because this might save you from business troubles that could happen anytime!

Insurance can protect you from property loss such as having your stuff stolen to having the building damaged by disasters! The company is willing to replace much depending on your annual payment. Many professional Grand Rapids photographers such as know this. That is why they always strive to make sure they can get an insurance for themselves.

The insurance company can cover all the losses and/or pay you as much as the price of a new equipment of the same type. Some companies allow you to pay a much lower annual fee to get part compensation for the equipment. If you are the type that is very careful with your stuff, the latter might be a better choice still to protect yourself in case things like that happen.

It’s not a loss at all

Paying for photography insurance is the same with investing in it. The company is willing to cover your losses which could a couple of times higher than what you pay every year. On the other hand, your money is being invested in a company and it’s a value that can go up throughout the year.

If you are a customer who has a record of being problem free, any insurance company will gladly reduce the fee. They love customers who never make them spend their money, but you will still receive the same protection you’ve always paid for!

Not just that, venue owners always like it better if their clients hire wedding photographers who are insured. It’s like a safety precaution just in case something happens because we never know. And lastly, you might want to have Grand Rapids photographers who are insured because these people show that they care about their job. They are giving their all in it, just like how you’d want a photographer to be.